Architectural Proposals

The historic precedents of the Keep and the remaining barracks buildings of Paul Kent Halls provides a local reference for massing, materials and detailing.

Along the north and east boundary the buildings are residential in scale being 2 1/2 storeys in height.

The mass of the buildings then increases in height up to the proposed ‘Keep’ on the road junction of Hollow Way and James Wolfe Road. This building is 5 storeys in height with a setback roof level collaboration space and terrace with views towards the city centre.

The buildings will be finished in a combination of red and buff brick to reflect the local vernacular of red brick and buff stone. The Keep will be finished in a stone cladding panels.

The windows borrow from the precedent set by Paul Kent, being tall and slender in proportion. A rhythm of paired and single windows articulates the elevations, with greater extents of glazing reserved for communal spaces.